Introduction to the Fudo-in

Fudo-in is a temple dedicated to Fudomyo-o (Sanskrit Acala), the most important of the Five Wisdom Kings and symbol of determination. It was founded in 906 as one of twelve temples by Saiko (870-943), a high-ranking monk, in the "West Valley", which is a very convenient area for a visit and stay. The temple is also known as the main temple for the Yamashinas (an Imperial family branch) and is called "Yamashina Betsu-in". Bifukumonin (1117-1160), the Empress of Emperor Toba (1103-1156) and a devout follower of Kobo-daishi, was buried here according to her last will and in respect for her lifetime contributions to the temple, such as donating a precious Amida-Sutra and three Amida statues.